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Eye am Torie!

"Nothing stays the same
save the heart of Mystery
where all is held safe."

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The shamanic faith is that humanity is not without allies. There are forces friendly to our struggle to birth ourselves as an intelligent species. But they are quiet and shy; they are to be sought, not in the arrival of alien star fleets in the skies of earth, but nearby, in wilderness solitude, in the ambience of waterfalls, and yes, in the grasslands and pastures now too rarely beneath our feet.

Terence McKenna, Food of the Gods (via cosmofilius)

…and in the most industrial of cities…!!! and in the slums and the alleys and in your bedroom and in your heart and everywhere inbetween… reach out… they are ever-present…

(Source: holisticrevolution, via cosmofilius)

okay okay you're cool- i've been thinking about pursuing a career in anthropology, possibly as a college professor. however i'm wondering what other options you've seen or have been interested in. thanks neat lady!!

HEY~~! Beautiful being, that’s an awesome route to consider! If I were you, I’d just start school and take anthro classes and see where it takes you. There are so many subjects within the discipline that are explored through classes that could sweep you into realms of possibility that can really make a difference in this world. Some like to be scholars, writing papers ~ others work with cultural revitalization (like what I am interested in) ~ others with environmental stuff (also what I’m gonna do) ~ and others teachers, etc etc. There are actually 4 (or 5, if you ask some) types of anthro. Physical, Cultural, Archaeology, Linguistic, and (sometimes) Applied. I’m a Cultural/Applied Anthropologist, though I find all of these really interesting and I have a passion for all, but Cultural/Applied were the strongest passion by far. 

More specifically to go into your question ~ I first got into anthropology because I wanted to make a difference in this world ~ I wanted to alleviate suffering and be an activist. The organization that I was affiliated with through high school was Free The Slaves ( and I very strongly wanted to work with the anti-slavery movement because of this. It still speaks to me very strongly and I am considering looking into it for my future career. However, after taking 4 years of anthropology courses, I realized that there is SO much I am interested in! I ended up writing my thesis on Australian Aboriginal conceptualizations of time through the Dreamtime cosmology and using this as a lens from which to explore western biases, and ideally, I would like to work with Australian Aborigines and cultural revitalization, which is intertwined with the environment, land, etc. Basically, I’m into indigenous/human rights… Though along the way, for a minute there, I thought I wanted to go into Transpersonal Anthropology, which is Anthropology of Altered States of Consciousness and study human connections to the spirit world and “shamanism” (I put it in quotes because of so many reasons that I have come to know through studying it)…

There are plenty of anthropology forums, one being the Open Anthropology Cooperative (online) where you can ask questions and reeeeally get the ball rolling with different perspectives offered by fellow anthro nerds, professors, and others considering studying it as well. (I posted there when I was at a crossroads!)

I hope this helps you! (Also, though I rarely publish asks, I’m gonna publish this in case others have similar curiosities). 

LOVE YOU, and good luck!! I’m so excited for you it’s making me type quickly and sit on the edge of my seat!

"From Cosmology to Environmentalism: Shamanism as local knowledge in a global setting" by Piers Vitebsky

The Sora are from tribal India. This is an excerpt about the relationship they hold with the dead.

Excerpt from Michael Harner’s book, “Hallucinogens and Shamanism”. This is from an included article called “The Mushrooms of Language”.

Sibyl, seer, and oracle, she is on the path of significance and the pulsation of her being is like the rhythm of walking.

Michael Harner, “The Mushrooms of Language”, from “Hallucinogens and Shamanism”

Reading list

Currently reading:

-“The Way of the Shaman” by Michael Hartner

-“Shamanism: a reader” by Graham Harvey

-“An Introduction to Shamanism” by Thomas A. DuBois

-“Writing Ethnographic Fieldnotes” by Emerson, Fretz, and Shaw

-“Communes in the Counter Culture: Origins, Theories, Styles of Life” by Keith Melville

Bought and next on my list:

-“Tales of a Shaman’s Apprentice: An Ethnobotanist Searches for New Medicines in the Amazon Rain Forest” by Mark J. Plotkin

-“Conscious Dreaming” by Robert Moss

Must also buy/borrow/read:

-“Earth Magic: Ancient Shamanic Wisdom for Healing Yourself, Others, and the Planet” by Steven D. Farmer

-“Singing to the Plants: A Guide to Mestizo Shamanism in the Upper Amazon” by Stephan B. Beyer

-“The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge” by Jeremy Narby

-“Ayahuasca in my Blood: 25 Years of Medicine Dreaming” by Peter Gorman

Made faun horns :3

Just bought Michael Hartner’s “The Way of the Shaman: A Guide to Power and Healing”. I’m only finishing up the introduction and it’s incredible so far.