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Eye am Torie!

"Nothing stays the same
save the heart of Mystery
where all is held safe."

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A fun one of me and beautiful sister Joylin at the Utah Rainbow Gathering this summer <3 photo creds to Brandi!

Racing with the Sun —Chinese Man

Thank you, Syra!!!! This is amazingggg. Sang a bunch over this :D

Love this.

The Void —The Ancient Wild.

Holy as the wine that is the blood of ancientness,

I drank the magic down, first in gulps, then in sips…

You see, I see, this potency like an entity…

Sinkin’ our teeth into the deep…

Truly in love with her music and the vibrations it births deep within my soul…

This song felt like a rebirth live— like a sprout coming up from black soil after a slumber.

And WHAT!!! After listening to her all morning, I just saw that today is her birthday!?!?! WOW! YES!!! LIFE!!!!

More of her amazing medicine music here:

It was amazing hearing this in the dark with medicine flowing through my veins, guarded and protected by the magic of the giant Redwoods encircling us… I feel it now…

YEAH, Prrisma… I feeeeel the medicine. <3

Translation: I am of the earth, I am of the stars, I am of mother earth and I live in my heart.
Strong roots, deep roots, roots always in mother earth.

Except, there is a common misconception— people seem to think that Pachamama means Mother Earth, but it actually means Mother Earth, the Sky, the Cosmos, the Stars, and Everything That Is.

This is my epic friend and sister Lyla June Johnson… listen to her flow! She’s an amazing singer/songwriter who is playing at the Black Hills Unity Concert in September with Nahko Bear and Buffy St. Marie and Ta’Kaiya Blainey and many more amazing activist warriors!!! Here are a few lines I especially love:

"I just wanna build a new world for my children

with love, prayer and unity this nation is rebuildin’

UP from the ash of genocide and division.

Red, black, yellow, white, as one— that’s the vision!”

"Some people say that the land can be owned,

but deep in our hearts we know it isn’t so

cuz we don’t even own this flesh or this bone,

no we can’t take it with us on the soul’s journey home!”

"Cradled in the arms of the sky and the sand,

just a strand in the tapestry of the master plan!”

ABSOLUTE SOUL FAMILY. This is my sweet sweet sweet animal spirit sister reunited at last, Skyla, and her love, the sweetest and most beautiful man in the world, also a dear dear soul brother and divinity embodied, Ryan, performing a song they wrote together at Elements Gathering. 

Open your heart as you listen and you will be transformed. Let the emotions flow.

Your spirit shines with pulsing light, emanating… all things are sacred with light and vibrations and you are love. Dance to the beat, the rhythm within you, celebrating… life and creation through music vibration and you are love. Create your magic, conscious intention, manifesting… Cycling and growing, instinctively knowing that you are love.

There’s a god and a goddess in me, and I praise them equally… <3