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Eye am Torie!

"Nothing stays the same
save the heart of Mystery
where all is held safe."

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ABSOLUTE SOUL FAMILY. This is my sweet sweet sweet animal spirit sister reunited at last, Skyla, and her love, the sweetest and most beautiful man in the world, also a dear dear soul brother and divinity embodied, Ryan, performing a song they wrote together at Elements Gathering. 

Open your heart as you listen and you will be transformed. Let the emotions flow.

Your spirit shines with pulsing light, emanating… all things are sacred with light and vibrations and you are love. Dance to the beat, the rhythm within you, celebrating… life and creation through music vibration and you are love. Create your magic, conscious intention, manifesting… Cycling and growing, instinctively knowing that you are love.

There’s a god and a goddess in me, and I praise them equally… <3

I had the most amazing night this last weekend being serenaded by this magickal being for hours until sunrise. I feel the need to spread his music (and Prrisma’s!) with you all!

Boom Shiva —Aum Prakash

Oh, yes, we are so blessed…

Relax and breathe into consciousness…

Letting go all the fear and stress,

Now is the time for heaven!

In case ya haven’t heard one of my favorite songs at the moment ;D

Dramophone —Caravan Palace