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White Owl ~Josh Garrells

To Ramona ~Bob Dylan

up here on a dragon’s back…

GAH. Friends are so amazing. My cat is soooo amazing. We’re all in this together. Love you all.

My heart quietly bursts to this song


wow wow wow. i’m seriously melting


"like whales trapped in ice"…… ahhh so good, love you, Mariee. xo

This whole album is incredible! Download it now!

Bajka, the singer of Bonobo, brings Lewis Caroll’s epic poem “The Hunting of the Snark” to life on this concept album.


Wardruna. Runaljod-Gap Var Ginnunga. 

OH. my GOSH.

Wardruna is a musical project based on Nordic spiritualism and the runes of the Elder Futhark. Lyrics written in Norwegian, Old Norse and Proto-Norse tongue.

sources: wikipedia and

somewhere the bombing all has stopped
and people begin to sit and talk
and somewhere insomniatic stockbrokers can rest their bloodshot eyes
'cause there's nothing left to buy or sell
or kill or die for anymore
we’re living inside eternal moments that we’ve searched for all our lives
there’s nobody living by the clock
and every door is left unlocked
'cause property died all alone and capitalism lost its home
there’s plenty of fresh air here in town
and plants are growing on the cars
and all of the streets are used for dancing
and at night you see all the stars

we’re searching for something that was lost
and centuries all have covered up
we’re flailing to find the smallest fragments of our liberated lives
and every tiny piece we find
we pick up and glue together
collectively working for our utopian futures to collide
in snuggly beds and midnight talks
in wandering bike rides and wayward walks
making up all of our own music, art, myth, food and news
it’s happening everywhere we go 
collective bookstores and basement shows
sharing a song that we all know or making up new ones as we go

i’m a dream, this is real
i’m a dream, you are here
i’m a dream, you are me
i’m a dream, we are free
i’m a dream, this is real
i’m a dream, you are here
i’m a dream, you are me
i’m a dream, we are free

now can’t you feel the ice caps grow?
now can’t you hear the forests laugh
at piles of nicely packaged toothpicks all in processed warehouse rows
'cause the only processing we do now
is with one another in our homes
with people we’ll fight, fuck, laugh and cry with
until the day we die
here where we share all that we’ve won
here where we grieve for what is lost
here where the children grow with names they chose and genders all their own
here where we celebrate each other
here where you’ve never had a boss
here where we sing like restless kids with half-chewed food inside our mouths

here in the place outside the box
there are no more borders left to cross
from each according to ability and to each based on need
here in the place where dreams aren’t dead
here in the space between our heads.

This may be the most comforting song for when I feel melancholy or lonely. I’d love to hear what songs make you feel held or at home, can you message me?

"Melody of a Fallen Tree" ~Windsor for the Derby

Oh my gosh. SYRAH <3

Fullscreen and watch.

Chris Thile ~ Another New World


my love the sun is your reflection
it’s true we’re one we’re all each other

why have I never heard these songs before? So goooood, my soul!!


every part of u is just another part of meeeeeeeeeeee ~~~~  love u all!!!!

oh my goodness!!

I’ve been listening to this album non-stop.