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Listen intently.

I love you.

Caminando —Leah Song

Prrisma <3

I had the most amazing night this last weekend being serenaded by this magickal being for hours until sunrise. I feel the need to spread his music (and Prrisma’s!) with you all!

Boom Shiva —Aum Prakash

Oh, yes, we are so blessed…

Relax and breathe into consciousness…

Letting go all the fear and stress,

Now is the time for heaven!

This is Aum. Listen.

Beauty in all things —Prrisma

In case ya haven’t heard one of my favorite songs at the moment ;D

Dramophone —Caravan Palace

Once Upon A Dream —Lana Del Rey

(I love this version so much)

We are the joyful radiant indigo savages

we are all God’s children,

miracles do happen,

so I do what I can with the breath I’ve been given—

put my fist in the air,

good God we’re livin’.

Little Bird —Lisa Hannigan

Dustinnnnnn <3

Fearless ~Erik Mongrain.

Oh. My GOD. How I love this man… Just watch him goooo~


himalaya soundtrack ~ just discovered this. in love. :|

Amazing woman, amazing myoozix