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Eye am Torie!

"Nothing stays the same
save the heart of Mystery
where all is held safe."

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A fun one of me and beautiful sister Joylin at the Utah Rainbow Gathering this summer <3 photo creds to Brandi!

Bodily vessel, I accept you.

My imperfections are beautiful.

I choose to speak from the Heart.

Radiance shines through.

Deep breaths, come home.

"I am not my hair, I am not my skin— I am the soul that lives within."

((This was taken from the perspective of my bathroom mirror))
((Roadkill crow foot and citrine necklace gifted by the beautiful Matthew and Heather Wood Buzzard


I’m starting to explore some sources to piece together an AWESOMELY rad, magickal, and beautiful hula hoop performance outfit!!! Does anyone have any leads on etsy shops or websites or anything else that could aid me in this search?

Finally brewing my own Angel Juice magickal elixir today!!!!!!!!! I drink this stuff like crazy and I’m so stoked to have some I’ve brewed on my own. After sitting on my altar for over a week and receiving daily blessings, the culture is still quite thin but she’ll do!

Just had quite a long conversation with a Pastor at the Farmer’s Market… by the time we were halfway through, all the vendors had cleaned up and left. It’s a valuable reflection to hear others’ perspectives and see how they react to your own. I couldn’t help but notice though that he never truly listened to me— only looked for things to respond to and argue against. He even called my view that everything is God and everything is conscious “obnoxious.” Our conversation ended with me simply listening, giving my undivided attention to him as tears came to his eyes and he impassionately explained his “knowing,” which may have lasted a good 6 or 7 minutes. I grabbed his hands, looked him in the eye, and told him that I see him, I respect him, and I honor him. I thanked him for sharing his story. As we walked away, I yelled down the street— “I love you!” and placed my hand on my heart. I meant it. That is the God inside me.

I feel so low tonight, I really look up to you and I am wondering how you do the things you do? How do you find the drive to get out of bed and go out into the world and just be you. I feel stuck like I know the goals I have in mind I know the things I want to accomplish but for some reason something is holding me back. Th energies have been so heavy around me. Thank you for being such a great example of what Humans can be. You are so wonderful.

Wow, beautiful One… Thank you so much for reaching out and choosing to be vulnerable. There is a great strength in that. I have a strong spiritual practice that works for me, but I feel that each person has something that will work for them. I can tell you a basic idea of what I do to stay inspired, enthusiastic, intensely grateful, present, and vitalized… and maybe some of them will work for you!

I wake up every morning and try my best to remember my dreams. I lie there with my eyes still closed, before I stretch or turn over, as my consciousness comes out of the dreamscape, and I don’t move until I remember. Bringing awareness to my dreams is one of the most profound tools I have found for connecting me to my subconscious and thus understanding who I am and where I am in my life path. I am intensely into symbolism and intuitive feeling of what my dreams mean. 

After this, I either continue to lie down and stretch the sleep off, or I sit up or stand in my best posture, and the first words that come out of my mouth are affirmations. I hiiiiiiiiiighly recommend using affirmations at any time in the day!!! Though I have found them to be most powerful as the first spoken words in the morning, as I feel it sets the vibration for the rest of the day. Intention is SO POWERFUL. That is the key behind everything I do. Some affirmations you may want to consider using for your particular situation right now: “I allow myself to step into my highest potentiality. I am free. I am powerful. I create my reality. The more I celebrate how far I’ve come, the less distance I see there is to go. I am Divinity embodied, and I treat all beings with respect, including myself. I am raw Light in physical form and I am grateful to be alive. I allow inspiration to flow through my blood. I am an agent of Truth. I can do anything.” (just some examples)… think EMPOWERING!!! Even if you don’t believe the words you are saying, try to feel your Higher Self step into them. Then, what I do is name at least three things I am grateful for. “I am grateful for ______.”

Then, I really recommend the first thing you put in your body every day to be super cleansing or nutritious. I do warm lemon water and a smoothie. It can change your entire day and your entire life!!! Stretch if you feel like stretching. Take deeeeeeep breaths. Allow yourself to do what feels good. What is your comfort? Lying in the sun? Drinking tea with your favorite music? It really helps me to put my hands on my heart and breathe deeply. Feel a smile stretch across your face. Allow purity to burst forth in all your interactions—both with yourself (especially in your mind— thoughts are prayers!), and with all other beings, including your food, friends, strangers, plants, and ANIMALS!!!

Animal medicine is a huge part of my life. Whenever I am walking down the street and I see a lizard, I speak to him… I use as much of the native tongue here as I can since I’m studying it, but also just freeflow in English as well. Something like, “Good day, Lizard. Isn’t it beautiful to be alive? You remind me to be aware. Your presence here has brought me closer to knowing myself, and I thank you for that. Have a gorgeously inspired day. Thank you for your medicine.” Or if I’m just passing by birds chirping and flying and rustling in leaves, I’ll say “S-ke:g tas, u’uvik!” (Beautiful day, birds!) and take a deep breath, understanding that they are so aware of my presence… and that teaches me. Even if you just see a squirrel or a rabbit outside your window when you’re indoors, watch them… be patient… What are they doing? What is it like to be them? This can be a powerful meditation!!!

If you feel you are ready, or if you have already done this, create a sacred space. Build a small altar. It can have anything on it, from crystals to just a bowl of water and a twig, or a book that means a lot to you, or pictures of your family and friends… and every day, sit or stand in front of it, and talk to it. Tell your altar what you are going through and what you really want. Thank Spirit, all your guides, ancestors, guardians, angels, and your Higher Self for being such powerful forces of healing in your life and always being there for you. Even if you can’t feel them, they love to receive acknowledgment and they can make themselves better known in your life. Partnering with the spirit realm is so transformational. I also really enjoy evoking spirits, always using “of Highest Divine Light Order” to ensure that no negative energies enter the space. I invoke my Higher Self, my most Magickal Self, and oftentimes even say “I welcome you, Shadow. Thank you for your lessons.” Whatever you are comfortable with! Burning incense, palo santo, or sage is really helpful in creating sacred space and in cleansing your own energetic field… And I also often devoke the spirit helpers by thanking them and saying something like, “go if you must, stay if you will. Aho and blessed be.”

Pause to bless your food and give thanks for all the energy it took to bring that meal there to you. Thank all plants, animals, humans, and spirits that all contributed to the meal in some way. Thank Pachamama, the earth, the sky, the elements— everything named and unnamed that brought you and that food together. Speak to the food, if you want to. With every meal, I ask that everything my body needs from the food is absorbed completely, bringing me to my highest vitality and energy, and I ask that everything that my body does not need, which does not serve, simply passes through. Words are powerful.

At night, as I lie in bed, I reach out to the spirit world one more time. I ask for Remembrance. When using affirmations, leave it open— I started off by asking for remembrance of my dreams, but then simplified it, allowing for even more remembrance to come. You can do this with all affirmations, like instead of asking for an abundance of money, just ask for Abundance. Then, to really make me go to sleep, because I often get really excited and feel awake, I say “I will sleep, I will sleep, I will sleep.”

Another powerful practice is to sit in meditation and just IMAGINE… fully IMAGINE… what you look like and feel like when you think of yourself at your absolute highest potentiality. First see it, and imagine the qualities you would have at some abstract point in the future, being the absolute BEST you can be, and then choose to STEP INTO IT. In your meditation, FEEEEEEL what it would be like to be at that point you are imagining. FEEEEEL your body as healthy and vital as possible. Feel the power within you. Resonate with it, even if it’s only for a second or a minute. Embody it. Be it. You can even say “I choose to step into my Highest Self.” That’s a really good affirmation you can use 100 times a day if you want to. Haha!!! You can even imagine what that beautiful amazing empowered version of you does day to day, even in the small moments. How does it feel to just be that empowered person, sitting on a couch? Walking? Smiling? In social interactions? Behold it, embody it, and you will become it.

Ta-da! I know some of this may be far out for some of you, but take what resonates or seems to be helpful, and stick to it if you really want lasting results!!!

You have the power to do anything you want to do. I love you!!!!