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Eye am Torie!

"Nothing stays the same
save the heart of Mystery
where all is held safe."

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I just came up with an awesome concept

what if there was a radio show where someone masturbated live

and a novelist explained it in great detail using a sports announcer’s voice

Is this playing for anybody?

My tutorial on wedgie combos and transitions… <3

additional prerequisite tutorials in the description!

Oh, and also work with indigenous rights/ human rights, obviously? I feel like that’s just a constant thing that doesn’t need to be said. But yeah! An opportunity came to me when I was with the Tohono O’odham at the Tucson Meet Yourself Folkarts Festival a few weekends ago where an O’odham man asked me if I would want to teach a hoop class to his elementary school students on the reservation because he’s a PE teacher!! What if I could combine these passions and 1. transform diabetes epidemics through hoop exercise, 2. assist people on their spiritual path through the hoop— no more drugs or alcohol because there’s nothing to do, 3. just bring joy to people through performing, 4. foster cross-cultural acceptance and communication, 5. travel around, etc. etc. etc?! I’m just rambling and dreaming hahaha <3 I’m kinda stoked on the possibility… don’t know how I could kick-start an idea like this, but it’s fun to dream!!!


1. I want to be a full-time hooper. I want to teach classes, be sponsored, perform, etc. I seriously want that. It’s what I do with ALL my free time.

2. I really, really, REALLY love you all. SOOOOO much.

3. I am making my first hooping tutorial soon on a whole bunch of crazy ideas of wedgie transitions!!!

OKAY, anyone heard of Winter Count?!?! It’s one of the biggest and rawest primitive skills gatherings and it’s right here in Arizona!!! And… I just found out… the dates would work perfectly with going to Envision as well!! :O!!!

Winter Count: Feb 15-21

Envision: Feb 26-Mar 1

Today is one of those days I just wanna hide in the house because of my skin… Moontime approaches… 

I was invited by a dear sister to go to Costa Rica with her around January for Envision Festival…!!! She and her lover (also a dear amazing soul brother) are going to visit me here in AZ for a week or two and then go backpacking and fly there!! And they’re probably gonna be down there until March… and… I’m really, REALLY tempted to go!!! eeeeeeeee <3 I just might!!! WHOOOOOA, is this an answered prayer?

Took these photos after a powerful ceremony. I recommend intuitive mirror magick to anyone who feels called to it.

It’s funny, if anyone has the word “serpent” in their name, I instantly follow. haha… the things we’re attracted to <3 soul resonance.

Ayahuasca dreams ALL. NIGHT. LONG… it was like an ayahuasca warrior training camp where lots of situations were set up to allow you to directly face death and fears and uncomfortableness so that you can come out stronger… several people were on the journey with me and I experienced all our trips collectively… it was SOOOOOO intense and I am so thankful I went through that initiation!!!! WOW!!!

Sat down to drink my dirty chai and these crystal babes were bathing in rainbow light <3 the small things…

This weekend, I stood and watched a Dine (Navajo) elder woman weave a rug. She learned from her grandmother. For 10 minutes, I stood there with tears streaming down my face. It unlocked some deep Spirit medicine for me. I haven’t felt anything hopeful so deeply for a long time now.