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Eye am Torie!

"Nothing stays the same
save the heart of Mystery
where all is held safe."

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I wanna get awesome black strappy lingerie to just wear around the house alone, and that’s all.

So grateful to have found a tribe of the most pure, loving, well-intentioned light beings that GET ME and actually ENCOURAGE my quirkiness, intensity, love for ceremony, and connection to Spirit. Infinite blessings upon this divine, beautiful, and precious day. Aho!!!

I want to get the word “Ancient” or “Ancients” tattooed on me in one of the symbolic medicine languages I know…

I have a full head of tiny little dreads now! I realized last night that putting in dreads uses the same muscles as starting a native friction fire— perfect. It’s like I’m starting a fire in my head so that it can slither down and migrate South to my heart and sacral, consuming me with the affirmations I spoke into each dread…

I’m still speaking my affirmations first thing every morning, and one that has really helped me is “I am inspired.” It really births forth a beautiful vibration into the day! Have you considered that -spire is breathing (like respiration), in-spired is to breathe life into, ex-pired is out of breath, and Spirit is… THE BREATH? Of life, of consciousness, of the common thread that weaves us all into this beautiful web?! I love this life. Thanks for being in it with me.

I’ve been (mostly) unproductive in everything besides hula hooping the last few days, and I just got so much stuff done! So many e-mails… the 3-4 projects I’ve been working on are all super important and I’m super passionate about them, but it’s kinda spreading me thin! Have you ever assigned yourself so much to do that it kinda shuts you down and you don’t want to do any of it? Especially when they’re long-term projects because they don’t have instant gratification? I’m so there! I didn’t move here to this small mining town 30 miles from the border of Mexico to just hoop all day, haha! YOU CAN DO IT, TORIE! <3 <3 <3

This one’s a bit older but it has a nice flow to it… It’s amazing to see how much I’ve improved in the moon since this was filmed, wow! I’ll need to upload a video of me hooping outside soon without so much limitation in space and tricks I can do in it.

Finally uploaded a new video of me hooping onto YouTube! I use a 28” most of the time, which is definitely the hardest size I’ve ever used. Maybe skip past the first 30 seconds or so, it isn’t that good hehehe <3 LOVE YOU ALL!!!

A sweet video made by a sweet friend including some precious moments of our journey at the Rainbow Gathering this summer <3

I’m exhausted. Woke up early, hooped passionately for 20 minutes in the desert sun, hiked up a mountain, ate delicious food, then drove an hour and a half from the reservation back to Ajo. It’s my Moontime and it’s also New Moon tonight. I anointed my third eye with blood for the first time and it feels so powerful and right. I may go take a nap and slumber off this mysterious pain in my back. I love you all!!! What a fantastic weekend… many new friends… so much new knowledge to marinate… 

Hooping at my friend’s on the Rez the other day. It’s amazing how different of an experience it is living with different families here.