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Eye am Torie!

"Nothing stays the same
save the heart of Mystery
where all is held safe."

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I’ve been so exhausted and uninspired… and yet I have been procrastinating on calling the people that could probably talk me out of this and awaken my soul again. Part of me isn’t ready for that. Is this what apathy feels like? I can see how it can really grip onto people for lifetimes. It’s a little scary and also a little comforting being held by the Darkness. Why am I denying myself permission to bloom? This is the oddest funk I’ve been in.

Tumblr is really the only place I post selfies. Lol. Forgive me. I was super excited at Follow Your Heart today <3

If you’re dorky about indigenous cosmology, environmental issues, culture, or human rights like I am, you may enjoy this video I recorded a while ago about the Goolarabooloo tribe of Australia… it doesn’t get to the Goolarabooloo until about 5 minutes in, but the first 5 minutes lays down some context and I think it’s super interesting!

There is another 4 minute video of me discussing Aboriginal resistance, activism, and possible solutions to these issues. I will upload it upon request.

I’m takin’ all this heaviness and transmuting it into PLAYFULNESS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who wants to crawl around and meow and growl and bark and yip with me until we wrestle like little foxes and erupt into a fit of belly-aching laughter?!?!! 321 GO

I am in shock… sending out epic prayers for a dear friend… join if you feel inclined to.