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Let’s build sacred space together

I leave tomorrow for Prague, Czech Republic ~ then going to Lugano, Switzerland ~ then visiting Cecilia!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cosmofilius)!! In Portugal!!!

I am overwhelmed, nearly brought to tears in this moment, with the power of the influx of energies brought by the eclipse. I have a deep passion for creating sacred space, communing once again with spirits that are on a path that is aligned with my own… Cecilia, I’m so excited to create with you… So blessed to have this opportunity… It really just blows me away. THIS IS IT!! This is life… Bless it, love it, live it, give it… Serve it up to da:m kacim, the sky realm, in a medicine bundle of prayers and pure whitelight intentions. Let it be what it is, unobstructed… And do the same for your”self”. Blossom, not censoring. Flowers do not try to alter them”selves”, who they are and what they are meant to be. Their beauty is written into them, the unique unfolding of each petal. They are a whispered prayer to the sky, a gift to the bees and the eyes, a manifestation of the beauty of the entire universe all encapsulated into one be-ing… Just like us… *gosh*, do you feel that? It’s Now again.

Raising my vibration more and more and more

constantly watching ego

observing the observer

aware of awareness itself

and of the obstacles I identify

so that the illusions can be shattered

revealing pure light

What is yearning? Leaving the present moment, escaping into worlds of potentiality? Or an ache in the heart that is there in the present for you to get to where you need to be in another moment yet to come? Because man, I feel it strooooong.

Take me away, I’m ready

For a moment, my heart just sank thinking that I cut out my dreads based on something outside of my”self”… and I feel like my spirit is best expressed and feels most beautiful inside and out with my lonnggggg, old dreadies. Isn’t that funny, how the ego can identify with HAIR?!! Such a trip. Anyway, yeah, I miss my dreads. I’ve been going through some weavings, in and out of confidence, and it’s all related to my hair… not to say that I didn’t have any problems before this… but… with dreads, I can’t explain it, I just felt like a goddess. I felt my spirit soar. I was able to really just radiate in a way that I haven’t yet with my hair cut. I know I’ll grow used to it… and i need to ground my”self” in the original intentions I held while I cut them out and brushed them… It’s just such a journey. Ego is a triiiippppp.

My heart hurts, I miss the desert so much.

It feels odd not being on O’odham lands.

I’ve barely smiled at all today. “Home” is an odd place. Old habit patterns of reacting really get to me.


Awakening the Dreamer ~ Manifestations Materialized

I hosted an Awakening the Dreamer DVD Symposium last night and it was such a success!!! It feels SO good to be a leader.

A contact from the Pachamama Alliance reached out to me and told me to get in contact with a woman in Tucson who hosts the symposiums for Native Americans. It’s so perfect and divine because I was wondering, especially last night, how to maximize the potentiality of the symposium for the indigenous. I have been “planning” on holding a symposium on the Tohono O’odham Nation when I return here between July-November.

That being said, I leave here tomorrow to continue my travels! DID I MENTION I AM VISITING DEAR SWEET SISTER CECILIA (COSMOFILIUS)?!?!?!! I am soooooo excited!!!!!!

Love you all. 



Found a housesitting gig from July-October. BAM!!! Just need to water the plants, oil the wood, and pay utilities!!!! Now, onto the possibility of finding another place from October-November!

Hello beautiful human. Once you get this you must publicly say 5 things about yourself. Then pass it to 10 of your favorite followers. Not back to me. <3



1. My ideal living situation is in a completely self-sufficient community living off native wisdom… everything we need is right there… food, water, building supplies, STRAIGHT from the Earth and Sky. Need a knife? Go to the tool-maker! Need some clothes? Go to the weaver to choose your fabrics, then to the seamstress! Need some healing? Call a community meeting and let your voice be heard! Yeah, that’s the dream… hopefully with people of all colors of skin and all ages (:

2. Indigenous empowerment and cultural revival are no longer simply passions, but have now become a lifestyle. I’m living it now, and it feels so good.

3. I place a heavy emphasis on the messages and visions of the Dreamscape. It is the most powerful and potent source of introspection and healing that I have found in this life.

4. I want to learn how to do anything and everything with my hands. I’m a crafter, a creator, and an innovator. I have lots to learn and lots to teach. I learned how to make arrows the traditional way yesterday! The next big thing on my list is learning how to weave and make my own mortar and pestle completely from scratch with primitive tools.

5. I really need to work on my posture.

haha, this was really hard at first, then it got flowin’! Thanks so much for this. xoxo

First time really gettin’ down in at least 4 moons…

So, I may be moving to Ajo, Arizona for a few moons after my travels this summer in July/August-ish… be-caaaause… Our Man in the Maze project got APPROVED by the Cultural Committee of the Tohono O’odham Nation!!! ‘Tis a very big dealio for us here… and for the culture, yep yep! So far, it looks like it’s around $350 for a studio apartment. Anyone genuinely interested in participating in some cultural revival, language class, native immersion, Reservation life, and native crafting? Maybe we could be roomies… this is just a shot in the dark… but it’s so expensive for just me… sooo, yeah!! Shoot me a message if you want, beautiful friends!! Love you SO! ^.^ xoxo

PS: for more info on what I’m doing here, check out

Hello Full Moon, goodbye main Tumblr!


Warrior Path Tumblr: evergrowth

Instagram: lunarfossil

Love you all!! Reach out anytime…

Monarch land! Natural Bridges Park in Santa Cruz, CA.

Monarch land! Natural Bridges Park in Santa Cruz, CA.