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Eye am Torie!

"Nothing stays the same
save the heart of Mystery
where all is held safe."

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I have held back pain in my solar plexus and sacral chakras the last few days. This has led me further into deep introspection ~ reevaluation ~ consciousness of patterns. Today, we climbed a mountain to Crystal Creek, where I bathed with a quartz flow in freezing cold water and re-birthed from behind a waterfall.

This morning, upon letting these contemplations loose with a sister in a hammock, I said “I need to think more and feel less.” I never thought these words would come out of me, but ~ golly! ~ this really resonates at this time, especially in regards to sexuality. Just being open here… more than usual… because I can, and because I feel so connected to you all… it feels good. I have been opening so much, over and over and over again, deeper and deeper, on so many levels… and it is SO healing… so this is a reflection of that, of which I am eternally and infinitely grateful.

Thank you for holding such sacred space and sharing in this world transformation alongside me as brothers and sisters.

I appreciate you SO much, LOVE you so much, FEEL you soooo much….

xoxo ~ Sister Toreye

My super-fluffy kitty got shaved (really sloppily) by a groomer yesterday… she had a really traumatic experience ): ~ so today, for the first time, she created a little niche on my altar, surrounded by crystals and basking in the sunlight to heal. Send her love, I think she feels violated and embarrassed after yesterday <3

Anyone know if you can make gem elixirs using wine instead of brandy or vodka?

I got a crystal skull! And lots of other minerals, including Lapidolite, Fluorite, Red Calcite, Rainbow Moonstone, Magnetite, Serpentine, and an interesting mix of Ruby and Kyanite. It’s so beautiful in every way…!