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where all is held safe."

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This may be a stab in the dark, but does anyone know of any organizations working toward indigenous empowerment in Australia? I’m starting research on where I’ll be taking my career next year.


Gorgeous be-ings! Chance Aquarius in the tie-dye, Yoshi, and three Australian travelers… on our way to their secret campspot by the river!

“For the Kukatja and neighboring groups, a dream occurs when, while a person is asleep, his or her kurunnpa (what we would usually translate as one’s spirit), which is related to the abdominal (or umbilical) area (tjurni), leaves the body to pursue carious experiences and encounters and is thus liable to acquire knowledge. The krunnpa (spirit) relates to cognition, volution, and to the expression of emotions.”

A “good dreamer” is “open”—either their ears or tjurni are open. The ears are “seen as the organ of thought […], that is, the mind, which stands in relation to whatever is acquired through listening to other people or stories.” If you can open these areas, you will become a “knowledgeable person”

Sylvie Poirier, “”This is a good country. We are good dreamers” chapter within “Dream Travelers” p.111-112

How beautiful to approach reality from this perspective! Opening your ears and your spirit is opening your mind. It is through listening and feeling that we learn.


Today is supercharged!!! I am feeling inspired. I feel like I shine in my thesis class, which is saying a lot, because everyone in it is so intelligent and aware. Today, I feel confidence.

I have started the process of applying for a Fulbright scholarship. It is arguably one of the most competitive scholarship programs out there. They select a number of applicants for each country, so I looked up the statistics for Australia, and last year, they chose only 8 people out of 125 applicants. That’s a 6% acceptance rate!!! This is blowing my mind. I feel like my area of research is very specific and will likely provoke questions that the judges have not fully pondered before. In addition, the larger implications of my area of research are profoundly important, especially in this day and age. Accepting and incorporating ancient knowledge is, in my opinion, a necessary step to healing the planet as we heal ourselves. I am hoping that because of this, my application will stand out. Why not just go for it? What do I have to lose, but “time,” which I am learning through my studies in this field is an illusion? A cultural construction? I will release all fears and make the leap. Hopefully, in the end, I will live, give, and grow with the Aboriginals for 8-12 months.

Send me prayers and help me manifest this— for the Aborigines, for our own evolutions and inner journey in the spirit of one human family, and for Mother Earth.

Gratitude and possibilities abound. Aho <3

I am almost completely certain that come January, I will spend as much time as feels right with my backpack traveling around communities in New Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Portugal, and wherever else the winds take me. I feel like it’s the next logical step to really connect to what I desire and need. It’s what’s in my heart. I want to get more in touch with my primal self, the child within, the communal spirit.

The reason I say “almost completely certain” is because it is 10 months away… a lot could change in that time to send me off in another direction… Open to transformation and change, always!

AHH!! “Bang Gerang” is the name of April’s monsoon season for the Mirarr Kunjai:mi tribe of Australia!


Wheeeeeee, my thesis topic has finally worked itself out!! It will certainly keep evolving, though. Combining the Anthropology of Time (how time is perceived and how this affects our experience) and Australian Aboriginal culture… specifically the Dreamtime and the bridging of time between ancestors and present day!!! But also very interested in how this affects identity and community cohesion…


Lovin’ you all eternally, through no time, everywhen <3