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"Nothing stays the same
save the heart of Mystery
where all is held safe."

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Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Victor, one of my dearest and best friends, and quite possibly the person in this world that gives me the most hope… and he is even more beautiful on the inside than he is on the outside (I know, you thought it was impossible, right?!!)… He is half Tohono O’odham and half Hia-Ced O’odham, and my partner in the Man in the Maze project that we did indeed end up getting approved by the Tohono O’odham Nation Cultural Committee!! And, oh yeah, I will be living outside of the Rez in Ajo from July through maybe December or January or onward… 

Victor is also an INCREDIBLY talented artist. You can see his work here: and here: (lots of his work is inspired by his culture, woo!!!!!)


Love love love love love love love love love you Victor, with all my i:bdag.

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