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Eye am Torie!

"Nothing stays the same
save the heart of Mystery
where all is held safe."

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Rune help?

Kano makes the hard “K” sound, correct? I’m trying to translate “ancients” and Sowelu doesn’t really work for the c because it’s more of a “sh” or “ch” sound… help?

WELP, I just ordered this Shipibo medicine tunic!!! My parents’ gift to me for the holidays… and I am soooo immensely excited that I had to post about it! A beautiful sister of mine had one at Elements Gathering and her friend is the one that runs ~ check it out!

So grateful to have found a tribe of the most pure, loving, well-intentioned light beings that GET ME and actually ENCOURAGE my quirkiness, intensity, love for ceremony, and connection to Spirit. Infinite blessings upon this divine, beautiful, and precious day. Aho!!!

I want to get the word “Ancient” or “Ancients” tattooed on me in one of the symbolic medicine languages I know…

Truly in love with her music and the vibrations it births deep within my soul…

This song felt like a rebirth live— like a sprout coming up from black soil after a slumber.

And WHAT!!! After listening to her all morning, I just saw that today is her birthday!?!?! WOW! YES!!! LIFE!!!!

More of her amazing medicine music here: