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"Nothing stays the same
save the heart of Mystery
where all is held safe."

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Money hat

From Samu’ah, southern Hebron hills, modern Palestinian Authority, AD 1840s (with later additions)

“This headdress or ‘money hat’ (wuqayat al-darahem) was made commercially by Bethlehem women for the use of villagers in the hills of southern Palestine. The original embroidery on the crown has been overlaid with more recent embroidery. The headdress was worn in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century during the wedding ceremony, especially for the ‘going out to the well’ ceremony when the bride appeared in public as a married woman for the first time. The headdress displayed the pride and status of the family, and was passed down through the generations.”

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Racing with the Sun —Chinese Man

Thank you, Syra!!!! This is amazingggg. Sang a bunch over this :D

If you haven’t been following Ta’Kaiya Blaney, you’ve been missing out.



I’m starting to explore some sources to piece together an AWESOMELY rad, magickal, and beautiful hula hoop performance outfit!!! Does anyone have any leads on etsy shops or websites or anything else that could aid me in this search?

And when the Goddess smiled, and was at her happiest moment, she made Torie. And she filled her with laughter and joy, and the depth of the Universe, and the Love of all time. 'Go forth Dear One' she said, 'and live my Life'.. And Torie did as she was directed, and she does to this day.. <3

I am publishing this because it’s the most darling and beautiful thing I have ever felt. Thank you so much for your kind and precious spirit. I FEEL YOU, BROTHER!!!! Your constant support mean the WORLD to me. xoxoxoxoxo <3 blessings upon your day!!!!


Stonehenge, 2 May 1816

by Francis Etheridge

Date painted: 1816

Oil on board, 25.5 x 32 cm

Collection: Wiltshire Museum

Inscribed on reverse: ‘South west view of the Druidical. Temple of Stonehenge on Stonehenge Plain, from the Great Stone called the Friar’s Heel.

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